Mark Silverman, Owner, Matthew's Jewelers

“Since opening, our utility bills have continued to increase every month. Now with the new LED lamps, I am amazed to see that my bill actually went down for the very first time. The LEDs do make our jewelry pop! I would have never believed it, but
we are actually selling more because of the new LED lights. I couldn’t
be happier. Thanks for all the help and guidance.”

Vaughan Lazar, Founder and CEO of Pizza Fusion

“We’ve always incorporated LED fixtures into our stores in some manner because they are the greenest option for lighting and allow our guests to experience our restaurant design, and more importantly our food, exactly as we intended it. But our new location in Tampa is the first to utilize a value-engineered plan for LEDs. Moving forward, all locations will be using LEDs as part of the new prototype and our commitment to a more efficient operation. LED Source® brought to the table a real value proposition to meet our strict and oftentimes progressive building criteria at an affordable price for our stores. They not only have an intimate understanding of the technical side of energy efficiency, but also proved invaluable in assisting with the overall lighting design.”

Paul Jensen, Operations Manager, Audi Coral Springs

“The facility was absolutely beautiful, but we started noticing that bulb after bulb continued to burn out and the showroom began getting darker and darker. We knew something had to be done, so we started researching our options. LED lighting now illuminates our vehicles, as well as the office space and the structural elements that make this showroom so unique—all while saving energy and keeping electricity bills at a minimum. And the best part is that we spent half of what we thought we were going to on this project. Now, we won’t have to invest money into the showroom for a long time.”

Richard Davies

“The team at LED Source offered me all the help I needed and more. Thanks for being there for me every step of the way.”

Bedonna Flesher, Nature’s Table Cafe Franchisee

“I switched because of the lower energy usage, reduced heat (which was a huge issue for employees who have to work directly under the lights) and the clear, white look. I have even approached other businesses about the benefits of LED lighting, and encouraged them to look at switching to LEDs.”