Virginia from Virginia, MD

“With great products and superb service, LED Source was a pleasure to work with. We will definitely come back to LED Source for our future lighting needs!”

Vanilla Ice aka Robert Van Winkle

“All LED’s are not equal , there is good and there is bad , some last longer some use more electricity , and some have a horrible almost hospital glow. Since LED’s are fairly new to the public , don’t be fooled by the marketing label’s using LED just to get your attention to sell you there product. LED Source are experts on all things LED . I wouldn’t trust any other company to handle my LED needs. They know the in’s and outs , ups and downs when it comes to LED’s . So go green and save time, money, and electricity. Go to LED Source.”

Christien Methot, Principle Lighting Designer, Design One Corporation

“As the lighting designer for all of NASDAQ Broadcast facilities in Times Square, I had been talking with the head of Broadcast Production Ron Baron for a few years about replacing all the Tungsten Halogen and Compact Fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED solutions to help reduce maintenance costs and related facility costs. When looking to replace the main Broadcast Studio’s Arri 2000 watt studio fresnels that were being used for key lights, I was concerned that I would not find an LED source that was a one to one brightness match. I was looking at many solutions and found that with the LEDko was the best fit. Once we installed and focused the 11 LEDko’s, I was amazed at the brightness and the even beam of the PC lens. The LEDko fixtures mixed with a few other LED products, has brought my clients facility into the 21st century.”

Shayne A. Yonce, President, The Technology Specialist, Inc.

“As a technology firm, we owe it to ourselves and our customers to be in the know when it comes to “green” initiatives. That translates into nearly every aspect of our business including the light over our heads. LED Source was key in providing our office space with an outstanding solution for doing just that. They not only provided an immediate path to savings but a fantastic new look to our office. We are so thankful for Travis Hettenbach and his team. Great job!!!”

Tom Monticello, Owner, Visions Salon

“LED Source has given our salon a whole new feel. The clients love seeing their hair in this lighting and the salon feels cooler. Our sales rep, Jason Ernstam, guided us with all the right choices in LED lighting.”

Mark D. Dhooge, Vice President and COO of Kids In Distress

“Our goal is to provide a safe environment for children in need. All of our programs and services are designed specifically to give children and their families the tools, skills, services, and education they need to maintain a safe, stable, and healthy setting, in which they thrive. The state of our facility is of utmost importance to us and we couldn’t be more grateful to LED Source and Toshiba for donating their services to our organization.”

Barry Biondo, Owner, Tipsy Spa & Salon

“I started hearing comments from our clients and staff about the poor lighting in our salon. I needed some help and turned to the LED lighting experts at LED Source®. Not only am I saving money but my staff and clients can see and feel the difference with the new LED lights. Great lighting is a must for my salon. It is one of the best business decisions I have ever made by making the switch.”