Mark Bartholomay, Chief Development Officer, Hurricane Grill and Wings®


“We found LED Source® very beneficial in providing design, pricing and financing for LED lighting packages at our locations. In addition, they have assisted with finding local utility rebates to further add to the already great savings we are receiving from the LED lighting. Thanks for all your great work.”

Dan Wierck, Owner, Wild Knight Scottsdale

“We felt we were missing something and looked at many different options, but after contacting Dorel at LED Source, it was clear to me that an LED wall would give us an advantage over local competition with the ability to add video content to big DJ shows. The LED wall adds energy and excitment during shows and creates a lasting effect. I could not be happier with the 7mm LED wall. It was exactly what we were looking for.”

Lazaro Rodriguez, Coordinator, Florida International University

“The LED fixtures have improved the overall look of our Blue Garage. It not only provided better light and safety for both vehicles and pedestrians, it has also lowered electricity and maintenance costs. Customers have stated that they love the new look.”

Sal Van Casteren, Versailles HOA President

“I wasted thousands of dollars trying to keep up with burnt out bulbs and replacing the damaged previous landscape lights. The photos and the savings by going with the LED product speak for themselves. It was one of the best investments this HOA has made in years. The compliments we receive about our how our entry way looks at night are never ending.”

Dr. Barbara Quadlander, Back To Health Chiropractic Center

“I appreciated the personal attention Travis gave to my office’s lighting needs. His explanations were easy to understand and informative. Unlike the glaring bulbs we had before, the new LED lighting is calming and natural. I would recommend seeing his demo to anyone – the difference with LED is amazing.”

Dan Kavanaugh, Owner, Kavanuagh Art Gallery

“The light dispersal and color from the LEDs are great. The artwork shows true color as opposed to the incandescent we had prior. We’re also very happy with the lower energy costs on our monthly bill.”

Dave Mathers, Store Director, Pro Hockey Life

“Our new LED lights are amazing!!! It brightened up our store significantly and doesn’t generate as much heat (which is nice when you have to stand under them for an extended period of time). This is the best I have seen South Keys looking ever! I found it made the biggest difference on our racks and feature walls (Bauer and Reebok) where I found it was dim and made the walls unappealing to shop (ALL light have been re-staged to light up any and all surrounding displays)….I can definitely say the lights have made a huge difference in the appearance of our store and I think it was an excellent investment. I believe eventually all stores can benefit from the LED lights.”