Surface Mount Technology

We actually make it the way you want it—in our Orlando, FL facility.

The Situation

Many other lighting manufacturers design their fixtures around pre-made, pre-existing LED boards found in the marketplace. This is potentially problematic for you because you have no control over the upgrade or build cycle of the boards. Consequently, the manufacturer may be designing a fixture with an illumination module that could become out of date or worse yet, could be upgraded by the component manufacturer without regard to how your finished product is being utilized.

The Solution

Through domestic or overseas alternatives, we are able to deliver thoughtfully and purposefully designed components to meet the individual manufacturer’s product needs. “Designing a fixture from the application standpoint first is really the only way to do it,” says David LaVigna.  “By working with the lighting manufacturers, understanding their brand and understanding where they want to go in the future, we are able to help establish the specifications for their fixtures first”.

The Impact

Our SMT equipment and experience makes all the difference in your product offerings. Because we own the equipment, LED Source, puts you in control of your fixtures’ performance and functionality, and your products’ lifecycle. With custom-built illumination modules, you choose when to make the modifications and upgrades.  This definable product separation means increased control of your product lifecycle which is easily translated into a positive impact on your P&L statement.