Visions Hair Salon Lighting

By switching to energy-efficient LED lamps, Visions Hair Salon has been able to achieve an energy savings of 78.5%. ROI is estimated less than one year.


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True Color With LED Lighting

Visions Salon is Wellington Florida’s premier hair and color establishment. Visions is comprised of the most progressive hair and makeup team, employing over 20 hair stylists. Their vision is to provide unsurpassed quality and customer service in individual hair design, allowing clients to look and feel their best. Makeup is designed to compliment each person’s unique hair and skin tones. Visions Salon and The Color Group specializes in all aspects of hair design and coloring. Corrective and creative hair coloring is performed by Certified Color Specialists. Industry veteran and certified Color Educator, Tom Monticello, is the owner of Visions Salon and The Color Group. Mr. Monticello had heard about LED lighting after attending a recent salon conference. He wanted to improve the overall atmosphere of his salon and make it more inviting. Mr. Monticello was concerned about his existing lighting since many of his stylists, when cutting hair, were stating that the quality of light was poor and it created dark shadows. Customers commented that they looked “old” under the hue from the combination of compact fluorescent and halogen lighting. An additional concern was the heat from the halogen bulbs. It created an uncomfortable atmosphere for the stylists and customers alike. The fluorescent lights provided inadequate lighting in the various cutting / coloring stations and due to the lack of focused light, created unnecessary shadows. For Mr. Monticello, finding the right solution was imperative. He turned to the LED lighting experts from LED Source® for an LED lighting makeover.

Making A Difference With LED Lighting

LED Source® tested products from several different LED lighting manufacturers and discovered that the LED lamps from Lighting Science Group (LSG) and Toshiba, would meet the required goals. To create more light in the coloring stations and to improve the overall quality of light, 13 PAR38 Natural White LSG LED lamps were the best solution. Additionally, 16 PAR30 Warm White LSG LED lamps were used to enhance skin tones and remove shadows for the cutting and makeup stations, thus creating a more natural light. The rest of the lighting in the salon was replaced with 7 LSG A19 LED lamps and 26 Toshiba MR16 LED lamps, which not only eliminated unnecessary heat, it produced a more desirable light to showcase the product displays.

The Savings

Prior to the LED lighting retrofit, Visions Salon was consuming 3270 Watts in lighting energy. By switching to energy-efficient LED lamps, the salon has been able to achieve an energy savings of 78.5%. Return On Investment (ROI) is estimated less than one year.

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