US Bank El Cajon

US Bank El Cajon, located just outside San Diego, California, was looking for a solution to their growing problem of burnouts, ballast failures and increasing maintenance costs. With an LED lighting retrofit, US Bank will annually save over $16,000 in energy and operating costs.


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US Bank, the 5th largest commercial bank in the United States, operates 3,086 banking offices and 5,086 ATMs throughout the country.

US Bank El Cajon, located just outside the City of San Diego, California, is a proud member of the local community.

Since opening in 1969, the building has been part of several renovations, however the lighting has relatively remained the same.

Constant lamp burnouts, ballast failures and increasing maintenance costs, caused U.S. Bank to look for a better lighting alternative.


The previous lighting consisted of 139 metal halide downlight fixtures operating at 208 watts each or 88,615 kWh annually.

With a ceiling height of 18’, these fixtures required special equipment brought in each time a bulb or ballast failed. This was both cumbersome and expensive in maintenance costs.

To meet their client’s objectives, the team from LED Source® Los Angeles designed and implemented an LED lighting solution that helped support U.S. Bank’s environmental stewardship efforts.

For the retrofit, LED Source® chose 139 Zenaro Daylight White (4000K) 10” Recessed LED Downlights. This fixture provided both excellent light quality and a work friendly color temperature. At only 40 watts each, energy consumption was reduced to 17,041 kWh annually.

It is estimated that US Bank El Cajon will save annually $1,858* in air conditioning, $3,324* in maintenance costs and $10,862* in lighting energy. Total annual savings is estimated at $16,044* or *81% in energy savings. In addition, an energy rebate from the local utility of $11,815 further added to the retrofit savings.

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