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“I can definitely say the lights have made a huge difference in the appearance of our store. I feel it was an excellent investment.”

– PHL Store Director


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Pro Hockey Life Sporting Goods Inc. is the world’s largest hockey centric retailer. They provide Canadians with a unique hockey megastore concept that showcases everything hockey. Pro Hockey Life (PHL) continuously looks for ways to improve their standing as a ‘GREEN’ corporate citizen. Beginning with offering paperless bills to their customers and now LED lighting throughout many of their stores, PHL are leaders in the Canadian retail industry when it comes to embracing ‘GREEN’ technologies and practices.


Pro Hockey Life, the world’s largest retailer specializing in hockey equipment, accessories and paraphernalia, operates a network of 23 stores across Canada. These stores operate as Sports Rousseau in the greater Montreal area, Entrepot du Hockey in Quebec City and Chicoutimi, and as Pro Hockey Life elsewhere across Canada.


With Ontario Hydro’s utility rates forecasted to increase by 46% over the next 5 years, PHL was looking for a viable LED solution to replace their existing halogen lighting. At a representative PHL store, which had 380 PAR30 and 94 MR16 bulbs, the annual energy expense related strictly to these bulbs was $11,620*. Not only were they costly to operate, store associates were constantly relamping as a result of regular bulb failure. Additionally, the heat emitted from these bulbs would result in some uncomfortable spots within the store.


After providing a detailed analysis of the energy and maintenance savings that could be realized by retrofitting with LED technology, the LED lighting experts at LED Source® embarked with PHL on a test store program to quantify the actual results proposed in the energy audit. Additionally, a new grant program in Ontario recently became available, which accelerated the return on investment (ROI) on the LED retrofit. The total rebates from the provincial government program provided additional savings of $8,634. The LED lamps chosen for the retrofit were the Toshiba PAR30 short neck at 16.3 Watts and the Toshiba MR16 at 7 Watts.


LED Source® worked with PHL to ensure the desired project goals were achieved. Using the latest generation of Toshiba LED lamps, it is estimated that PHL will receive a savings of $16,783 or 79% annually.

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