FIU Parking Garage

“The LED fixtures have improved the overall look of our Blue Garage. It not only provided better light and safety for both vehicles and pedestrians, it has also lowered electricity and maintenance costs. Customers have stated that they love the new look.” 

 – Lazaro Rodriguez, Coordinator, FIU




Lighting Energy


Total Annual Savings:



FIU Blue Parking Garage

The Problem

Since opening in 1972 on the location of an abandoned airfield, Florida International University (FIU) is the 3rd largest public university in the State of Florida with a student body of 46,000. Parking for the 342 acre campus is provided by 5 parking garages, each named from the University’s colors. The Blue Garage, which opened in January 2002, can accommodate parking for 1002 students, faculty and staff. It operates 5 days per week, 20 hours per day. For FIU, lighting for the Blue Garage presented several issues. The 4 story parking garage was lit by 400 metal halide fixtures, each consuming 208 Watts with ballast. Increased maintenance costs, rising utility rates, and premature outages, all played a factor in the University looking for a more efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly light source. In addition, the poor light quality and dark areas caused by the metal halide fixtures, required FIU to find a solution to their growing problem. They turned to the LED lighting experts at LED Source for a solution.

The Solution

Parking garages can be a challenge to light due to their exposure to the elements and the number of hours lighting fixtures must operate. With safety and efficiency in mind, LED Source® utilized the C2D LowBay LED fixture from Lighting Science. At only 71 Watts, it proved to be the perfect choice for the LED upgrade. The C2D eliminated ballast changes, relamping and improved the overall lighting quality, especially when compared to the metal halide fixtures.

This cutting-edge LED fixture reduced energy and

maintenance costs by an  average of 66% and has a life span up to 85,000

hours. Unlike metal halide fixtures, the C2D contains

no mercury and eliminates recycling and disposal

costs. Each of the 400 metal

halide fixtures were replaced equally with the C2D LowBay LED fixture.

The Savings

It is estimated that the annual savings for the Florida International University Blue Garage will be $23,652 in lighting energy and $8,930 in maintenance costs. Total annual savings is projected at $32,582. Return On Investment (ROI) for this project is anticipated to be 4.4 years. *Savings listed is an estimate only and based upon information provided.

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