First Domestic Insurance Company

“The installation of the LED lights has had an immediate impact on our electricity bill. The reduction has exceeded our expectations.” – David Fritz, Operations Manager


Lighting Energy




Total Annual Savings:



First Domestic Insurance Company Limited made the switch to LED tubes saving 55% in lighting energy costs.

First Domestic Insurance Company Limited is Dominica’s first and only local general insurance company on the island. Located in the heart of the capital city; Roseau, First Domestic is the one-stop shop for all general insurance needs.

For Operations Manager, David Fritz, continued rising electricity costs became a major concern for the company. The island of Dominica is among the highest in the Caribbean for energy, paying an average of $0.44 US dollars per kilowatt-hour. Mr. Fritz was also dissatisfied with how the traditional fluorescent lighting made the office look dull, and the constant maintenance required due to bulb or ballast failures.

First Domestic’s office was previously lit with a total of 17 two-foot and 115 four-foot fluorescent tubes. These lamps consumed a total of 14,425 kWh, costing the company $6,755 annually in lighting energy and operating costs.

LED Source Dominica met with First Domestic Insurance Company Limited and implemented an LED lighting plan that would reduce their monthly electrical consumption, while improving light levels throughout the entire office.

The Solution

LED Source looked at several LED lighting solutions that would meet the client’s project goals of lowering operating costs.

Rather than replacing the existing troffer fixtures, and to keep retrofit costs to a minimum, the team elected to use an LED T8 tube as a one-for-one direct replacement for the 132 fluorescent lamps.

Perfect for commercial office applications, the LED T8 tubes maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption by bypassing the existing fluorescent ballast.

The Results

Switching to the new T8 LED tubes, it is estimated that First Domestic will reduce annual lighting energy consumption by 55% and overall energy consumption by some 15%.

In addition, the company will save $3,469 in lighting energy and $409 in maintenance costs. Total annual savings is estimated at $3,878 with a payback period of just over a year and a half.

First Domestic Insurance Company Limited now has an office that not only saves them money, but one where the quality of light was greatly improved for employees and customers alike.

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