Don Vicente Historic Inn

“Saving energy and not changing light bulbs every week has significantly lowered our expenses.”

– Damon Shiver, Owner


Air Conditioning




Lighting Energy


Total Annual Savings:



The Don Vicente De Ybor Historic Inn located in Tampa,Fla. is like stepping into a time machine and traveling back to the 1920’s. The building was once a planning and development office and then a health care clinic. The owner, Damon Shiver, wanted to reduce operating expenses of the elegant 16 room boutique hotel without sacrificing the buildings historic look. Each room is decorated with a beautiful chandelier and throughout the hotel a total of 690 candelabra incandescent light bulbs were used. The incandescent bulbs frequently failed, required constant maintenance and emit intense heat thus increasing the load on the air conditioning. The annual lighting energy costs totaled $16,622.

Damon turned to the LED Lighting experts at LED Source® for a more energy efficient LED lighting solution. LED Source® chose the Philips dimmable 3 watt LED candelabra lamp because of its soft white light and 20,000 hour life span. Energy consumption was reduced from 151,110 kWh to 21,155 kWh. It is estimated that the annual savings will be $14,295 in lighting energy, $4,835 in maintenance and $2,144 in air conditioning. Total annual savings is projected at $21,274. The Return On Investment (ROI) for this project is anticipated to be within 6 months. *Savings listed is an estimate only and based upon information provided.

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