Cary Grove High School

Cary-Grove High School, located in Cary Illinois, was looking for a solution to their growing problem of their auditorium lighting. Dull room, poor lighting conditions and lack of dimming further added to the issues.

LED Source Chicago retrofitted the school with an LED lighting solution that provided flexible lighting options for the auditorium.


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Setting the Stage with LED Lighting 

Cary-Grove High School located in Cary, Illinois, is part of Community High School District 155.

Since opening its doors back in 1961, the high school has certainly seen many changes over the years. It had won several state championships in both football and volleyball, and the student population has increased from a couple hundred, to now over 1,900. However, one thing that has not changed very much throughout the years is the school’s lighting.

For Cary-Grove’s High School auditorium, students and facility members did not like performing in the dull room due to poor lighting conditions and lack of dimming. The auditorium lighting had also been known to catch fire, which further added to the problem.

For Assistant Principle, Rebecca Saffert, it was important to find a solution that was safer, provided better light, reduced energy and lowered maintenance costs.

The Challenge

The previous auditorium lighting consisted of 132 T12 fluorescent tubes. Each fixture was suspended 15’ above the ground and not only provided poor light quality, it also prevented highlighting the 22’ cathedral ceiling in the auditorium. In addition, aisles were lit with 2 lamp T12 fluorescent fixtures that further added to the problem.

The Solution

The experts at LED Source® Chicago were able to provide an LED lighting solution that not only addressed the client’s concerns, it enhanced the auditorium’s high ceiling and coves along the walls. To accomplish this goal, a total of 30 suspended LED cans at 10.5 watts each and 64’ of High-Output LED tape light were installed. Dimmers were also added to offer flexible lighting options depending upon usage of the auditorium.

The Results

Annual savings for Cary-Grove High School is estimated at $1,063* in lighting energy and $1,716* in maintenance costs. Total annual savings is projected at $2,779*.

*Savings listed is an estimate only and based upon information provided. ©2013 LED Source, LLC. All rights reserved.

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