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LED Source worked with Tom Neumann from Allstate Insurance in Wellington, Florida, to provide an LED lighting retrofit solution that would provide more consistent and a better quality of light for the office. It was equally important to find a solution that would work in the existing fluorescent fixtures. The Philips LED T8 InstantFit lamp met the project goals for the client.


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LED Lighting Retrofit Case Study

First impressions are important for any business and lighting can play an impactful part. For most offices, the standard for general lighting is the 4-foot T8 fluorescent tube. While these tubes are somewhat energy-efficient, other issues including poor light quality, lamp burnout, ballast failure, flickering tubes and environmental concerns, have all plagued the fluorescent lamp.

For Tom Neumann, owner of the Allstate Insurance location in Wellington, Florida, first impressions mean everything. He has built a business on providing his clients with an outstanding level of service. A leader in the community, Tom has helped families and businesses alike with protecting their assets.

A recent visit from an LED Source® representative inquiring about insurance, prompted a conversation on how the Allstate office appeared dim and that the lighting levels were inconsistent throughout. Mr. Neumann had similar concerns, but was not aware that an easy solution existed. While Tom was aware of the many benefits of LED lighting, he thought the only option was to replace all the fluorescent fixtures with an LED alternative. Considering that he was leasing his office space, this was not a viable option. Mr. Neumann had hoped to find a solution that would create a better atmosphere in the office while improving the quality and consistency of the lighting.

Upon an evaluation of the location, LED Source® chose the new Philips LED T8 InstantFit lamp. This LED tube not only met the goals of the client, it could be used in the existing fluorescent fixtures without the need to hire an electrician to rewire or bypass the ballast. With a life span of 40,000 hours, it also provided Mr. Neumann with the option, should he change locations, to simply remove the InstantFit LED Tubes and take them with him.

The Allstate office consisted of a mixture of two, three and four fluorescent lamp fixtures, all at different color temperatures and wattage. A total of 41, 4-foot T8 fluorescent tubes operating at 3,526 kWh annually, were replaced with the 41 InstantFit LED T8 lamps at a color temperate of 3500K. This lowered annual energy consumption to 1,980 kWh and created consistent and better light levels throughout the office.

It is estimated that Allstate will save annually $199 in lighting energy and $135 in maintenance costs. Total annual savings is estimated at $334 or 56% in energy savings. While the savings are beneficial, the improved light levels and overall appearance of the office has met Tom’s goal of creating a great first impression for clients.

Case Study