23rd Street Brewery

“I pulled the trigger because it’s a smart business decision. I’m going to save money over time with better quality lights and the light show is amazing.”

– Matt Llewellyn, Managing Partner


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Total Annual Savings:



23rd Street Brewery does not merely fall into the category of bar and grill or a typical microbrewery, it is much more. They are a catering company, a banquet facility, a great nightspot, a beer distribution operation, a fundraising machine for local charities, and a venue to throw huge promotional parties. Local patrons celebrate special events, University of Kansas football and basketball games, Fat Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, or family birthday parties. For a college town like Lawrence, 23rd Street Brewery has established itself as the local hotspot with its award winning beers and seasonals, and unique inviting atmosphere.

Due to rising electricity costs and the dangers associated with changing their current lighting in the high ceilings, 23rd Street Brewery knew that LED lighting could help but was unsure of what options would work for their specific needs.

LED Source Lawrence met with the managing partners and created an LED lighting solution to meet their project goals.

Previous lighting for 23rd Street Brewery consisted of PAR38, PAR20 and BR20 bulbs suspended 15 to 25 feet in the air, consuming 22,838 kWh annually.  To replace these lights meant hiring a mechanical lift and/or using a 20 foot extension ladder. This further added to the maintenance costs and created a dangerous environment for staff.

The partners also wanted to focus on incorporating colored lighting for their fermentation barrels that are visible throughout the establishment.

LED Source implemented an LED lighting solution that provided a one-for-one lamp replacement of the traditional bulbs. The new lights, which included 52 PAR38, 10 PAR20, and 3 BR20 LED lamps, lowered electricity usage by 73% or 6,083 kWh annually.

To provide colored lighting for the fermentation barrels, LED Source used 5 ColorFuse Powercore LED fixtures, a Data Enabler Pro and the iColor Player software. This solution from Philips Color Kinetics offers over 16 million color combinations and the option of full dimming.

23rd Street Brewery is estimated to save annually $1,675 in lighting energy and $527 in additional operating costs. Total annual savings is estimated at $2,202.

23rd Street Brewery has not only lowered their expenses, they have created an atmosphere of color for any holiday or special event.

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