Featured Products


eFFINION LED Shoe Box Medium

eFFINION LED Shoe Box Medium features aluminum and steel construction with 6 mil bronze powder coating with stainless steel fixture body fasteners.

Lunera Lucy Lamp

The first plug and play LED replacement for high-pressure sodium. Now you can easily replace HPS lamps with energy-saving LED lighting.

Beacon Viper

The Viper LED luminaire designed to replace HID lighting up to 1000W M or HPS.

Lighting Science Forefront Area

Lighting Science Forefront Area is designed around maximizing the potential of LED, the luminaire is available in three sizes with six high performance optical distributions that can enable dramatic energy

Lighting Science RoadMaster

Lighting Science RoadMaster, the first LED Roadway Luminaire that breaks all perceptions about LED roadway lighting by providing the ultimate in performance and value in application.

Philips Hadco RX2 LEDGINE

Philips Hadco RX2 LEDGINE is the perfect LED solution for roadway lighting and is the ideal luminaire for both new and retrofit installations.

Lighting Science DBR

Lighting Science DBR LED luminaire provides one-for-one replacement for existing high wattage HID roadway installations.