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American Lighting CR90 PAR38

Energy Star compliant replacements for 90W incandescent PAR38s. Save 82% in running costs over conventional lamps. Suitable for use in wet locations.

American Lighting CR90 BR30

These LED R30 lights produce the same amount of light and feature a look that is similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, but they also have a lightweight design and are more energy efficient

American Lighting CR90 A19

Energy Star compliant replacement for 25W-100W incandescent A19s. Save 80-87% in running costs over conventional lamps.

eFFINION LED WallPack Trapezoid

eFFINION LED WallPack Trapezoid is a cost effective LED replacement for traditional MH and HPS wall packs everything from small 60W mini packs to 300W large.