Lighting Science

Lighting Science Forefront Pedestrian

Forefront Pedestrian is part of a complete family of architectural luminaires that can be utilized throughout commercial site lighting applications.

Lighting Science Forefront HighBay

Forefront HighBay can directly retrofit into a wide variety existing HID or Fluorescent applications to provide superior lighting performance at a fraction of the costs.

Lighting Science Forefront Flood

Forefront Flood can seamlessly retrofit into existing HID floodlighting applications while offering the opportunity to dramatically reduce energy usage and maintenance.

Lighting Science Forefront Wall

Lighting Science Forefront Wall has been built around optimizing the LED source providing high efficacies with a broad palette of high output optical distributions.

Lighting Science Forefront Area

Lighting Science Forefront Area is designed around maximizing the potential of LED, the luminaire is available in three sizes with six high performance optical distributions that can enable dramatic energy

Lighting Science RoadMaster

Lighting Science RoadMaster, the first LED Roadway Luminaire that breaks all perceptions about LED roadway lighting by providing the ultimate in performance and value in application.