Ketra Lighting

Ketra N4 Hub

The N4 Hub forms a bridge between Ketra’s wireless and wired networks and standard networking infrastructure via ethernet or WiFi.

KETRA S30 Lamp

Ketra’s S30 lamp is an all-encompassing LED solution with the ability to render 90+ CRI white light, saturated colors and pastels from a fully mixed, single point source.


Ketra’s A20 lamp is a fully tunable, calibrated light source that delivers high CRI white, pastels and saturated colors from an omnidirectional beam pattern. The product includes both wireless and TRIAC control thus simplifying retrofit applications. Each lamp is individually addressable, configurable and controllable via Ketra’s suite of control and software products.

KETRA N3 Satellite

Ketra’s N3 satellite provides several vital system functions: control of luminaires, integration of third-party control and lighting products, and on-board memory and astronomical time clock functionality.

KETRA N1 Wireless Interface

Ketra’s N1 plugs into any USB port, and allows convenient programming and configuration of all products during initial installation. Not required for day-to-day operation, the N1 will initiate communication between your Ketra lighting system and the Design Studio software. Just plug and play.

KETRA X1 Touchpad

Ketra’s X1 touchpad is a specification grade, fully programmable and customizable interface between the Ketra lighting system and its users. This fully-integrated controller allows for simple transitions between preset settings at the command of an occupant or as a scheduled event. The X1 connects to Ketra lighting via standard wireless protocols or direct wired connection to Ketra’s network of devices.

KETRA G2 High Output Linear Accent LED

Ketra's G2 High Output Linear Accent LED luminaires are ideally suited for cove, wall-wash and grazing applications. Utilizing Ketra’s superior optical design, the G2 delivers exquisite beam quality, resulting in uniform color and intensity across walls and ceilings.

KETRA S38 Tunable LED Lamp

Ketra’s S38 PAR38 lamps provide the power of digital control and complete programmability in high quality LED light. Whether as a stand-alone element or as part of a complete lighting system, the S38 impeccably renders the full spectrum of saturation and hue, while remaining fully customizable through our included design software.