Lighting Science VividGro™ V2 Grow Fixture

Key Features:

  • Perfect replacement for one 1,000w HPS/Metal Halide fixture
  • Excellent PAR output and photosynthetic efficiency
  • Tailored to maximize photosynthetic absorption efficiency. Wavelengths of 450 and 660 nanometers.
  • No radiated heat to allow for maximum irradiance at close proximity to plant canopy
  • Passive cooling, no fans, moving parts and low noise


Lighting Science VividGro™ V2 Grow Fixture

The VividGro™ V2 Grow Fixture takes horticulture and agriculture to new levels, delivering maximum photosynthetic efficiency for healthy plant growth and vivid color saturation – all while saving you 45% less energy than standard 1000W HPS lighting.