Nora 1.0W LED Flex-Light

The 1.0W Flex-Light can be positioned to specifications of the job to evenly illuminate panels or architectural details.

Philips CorePro LED Mini Cylinder Track Head

The Philips Lightolier CorePro LED Mini Cylinder is a completely integrated LED luminaire. By combining the optics, light source, thermal management system and driver into a single housing, this luminaire provides a sleek look suitable for lower mounting heights and smaller spaces. This small, sleek luminaire design offers efficacy up to 80 lm/w.

Philips LED Retail Optic PAR30L

Philips LED Retail Optic PAR30L provides the benefits of LEDs and puts the focus back on your merchandise using AirFlux Technology.

Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex MX

iColor Flex MX is a multi-purpose, high-intensity strand of 50 full-color LED nodes for generating extraordinary effects without the constraints of fixture size or shape

Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX

iColor Flex LMX is a flexible strand of large, high-intensity, full-color LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects and expansive installations without the constraints