Philips Gardco ClearScape LED

The Philips Gardco ClearScape LED luminaires feature an architecturally stylish design that will complement your application's visual landscape. Available in two sizes, ClearScape offers outstanding photometric performance, significant savings over HID, and is available with the latest in energy saving control options.

Philips Iridium Gen3 LED

Philips Iridium Gen3 LED is the first truly intelligent luminaire designed for seamless connectivity. No hassle in commissioning – just install the luminaire and control it from a distance through CityTouch management software.

Lighting Science Awake & Alert LED

Awake & Alert LEDs from Lighting Science, are the only patented light that are proven to boost energy, promote alertness and enhance performance.

Philips Hadco FlexScape LED IL9

Philips Hadco FlexScape LED IL9 inground luminaire for low-voltage landscape lighting. It is designed for optimal LED performance and flexibility.

Philips Hadco FlexScape LED Accent BL9

Philips Hadco FlexScape LED Accent BL9 brings landscape lighting to the next level. Designed for optimal performance providing countless low-voltage options.

Philips Stonco LytePro LED Floodlights

Philips Stonco LytePro LED Floodlights, in 4 sizes, offers a variety of mountings, optics and options that provides flexibility for outdoor projects.