MaxLite PL Retrofit lamps

MaxLite LED PL Retrofit Lamps are designed to replace inefficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with easy installation.

Maxlite MR16 LED

MaxLite 7W MR16 LED lamps are designed to replace inefficient 42W equivalent MR16 halogen lamps.

Halco ProLED BR30/BR40

Halco ProLED BR30's & BR40's offer up to 80% savings compared to incandescent bulbs, plus come in a variety of colors to achieve exactly the effect you need.

Halco ProLED Par30

The PAR30 LED bulb serves as a great replacement for your existing incandescent light bulb. Not only will it help cut your power bill by more than 80%, the 13.5 watts LED bulb also creates a warm, comfortable ambiance for your room space.


6" Frosted Flat Lens with Specular Reflector and Trim

Halco ProLED B11 Chandelier

Halco ProLED B11 Chandelier Lamps offer decorative energy saving ambience with the elegant effect of incandescent candles.