Maxlite Candelabra

The LED Candelabra bulbs are designed to simulate an incandescent candelabra bulb with true backlighting.

MaxLite Omnidirectional “A” Lamp

MaxLite's award-winning, ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED Omnidirectional A-Line lamps replicate true A19 and A21 incandescents with a 300-degree beam angle that produces even light in all directions.

Halco ProLED Par30

The PAR30 LED bulb serves as a great replacement for your existing incandescent light bulb. Not only will it help cut your power bill by more than 80%, the 13.5 watts LED bulb also creates a warm, comfortable ambiance for your room space.


6" Frosted Flat Lens with Specular Reflector and Trim

Halco ProLED Par38

Halco ProLED brand LED are one of the high quality brands that you've grown to know and trust for your lighting needs.