Private Label

We can take your paper airplane and turn it into a jet.

The People

It’s our people that separate us from the competition.

Our team members have spent years doing what your customers do. We are designers, engineers, installers and operators working in sync through the lifecycle of your product or project. The people of LED Source understand the needs of today’s lighting designers and educated operators and have the expertise to anticipate the demands of a rapidly changing, competitive construction industry.

The Process

Our process always starts by listening.

We listen to your obstacles, your strategy and, most importantly, your goals. Next, we challenge what’s been done and what’s available.

We challenge the potential of LED Source. Then, in collaboration with your team, we transform what we have heard and learned into innovative solutions.

We design, improve, and deliver products bearing your name that exceed industry quality standards.

Our process and over the top service enables us to properly manage all of the moving parts including componentry, fabrication, and manufacturing.

Our Quality Product Plan addresses all aspects of quality assurance and quality compliance programs.

We can meet your financial and design objectives through key domestic strategic partners and the option of offshore operations.

The Products

It is often the products that define your company, but it’s the development and manufacturing journey that defines LED Source.

Put the power of our people and our process to work for you. There isn’t a challenge we back away from; and there isn’t a paper airplane we can’t make fly.