There are many LED lighting benefits including being energy-efficient and their long life span. While these are important considerations, when choosing a specific lighting application, selection is based upon many factors.

Better LightBetter Light

  • Color Rendering and Quality better than Fluorescent or CFL
  • The “perceived” brightness is even higher than the measured lumens
  • Color consistency is near perfect
  • Provide more directional light
  • Dimmable unlike most CFL
  • Does not produce harmful U/V or fade merchandise

More Energy EfficientMore Energy Efficient

  • Many are Energy Star Rated
  • Uses at least 80% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than traditional lighting
  • Emits very little heat
  • Lowers HVAC costs

Low MaintenanceLow Maintenance

  • Most lamps rated for 50,000 hours to 70% lumen maintenance
  • A typical application will see 10+ years before needing replacement
  • More resistant to breakage

Environmentally Friendly

  • Consumes less electricity / emits fewer greenhouse gases
  • Longer life means less landfills are impacted
  • No harmful mercury
  • Safer – cooler operation means less (or NO) fire hazard
  • Almost all components are 100% recyclable

Save MoneySave Money

  • In many cases, LED products pay for themselves in less than 2 years
  • Return On Investment can be 12 – 15 times the cost of the product
  • Lifetime savings on energy and maintenance cost can be significant
  • Rebates and Tax incentives available in most states