Support System

For each franchisee, training is provided and supported through a variety of platforms.

Our in-depth training program provides between 40-50 hours of instructional classroom and practical onsite training. Once completed, we guide you through the first 90 days with supplemental sales training and proven strategies. Additionally, we provide training through LouMan University, our innovative iPad/iPhone self-paced learning program. On-going training is also provided through bi-weekly Webinars.


Training Conferences

Each year, leaders from our Corporate office and franchisees gather together for several days of intensive LED Source® training.

Presentations from keynote speakers and LED Source® departments heads provide valuable information for our franchises and their staff. Round table discussions are held with franchise owners and corporate leaders to address individual recommendations and concerns. Top LED manufacturer representatives showcase their latest products through presentations and vendor booth exhibits. Off-site events allow for franchisee owners to network and discuss best practices.


Innovative Technology

LED Source® is driven by technology and we integrate that innovation into our franchise processes. We harness the power of Cloud computing to create a comprehensive system that integrates into each franchisee’s business.

  • 01

    LouMan U is an online training program for our franchisees that uses the Apple's iTunes University

  • 02

    Innovative sales process using the power of SalesForce CRM

  • 03

    Exclusive ROI Proposal generating tool

  • 04

    iPhone App to generate onsite energy audits

  • 05

    Marketing automation systems to capture leads and email marketing campaigns


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