The goal for LED Source is to have a franchise location in every State of America and every Province in Canada. However, some States have unique franchise licensing criteria. In those States we will be able to offer franchise opportunities once registration is approved.

LED Source is currently approved to sell Franchises in Canada and most U.S. States including some of the toughest – NY, CA and IL. To find out whether your State is approved, check the map below. Even if we are not yet approved, we can provide you with an updated schedule for registration in that State.

For a current list of all our franchise locations, please refer to the map listed below.


Franchises Offered

Currently LED Source offers two separate franchise businesses – a Unit Franchise Program and an Area Development Program.

The LED Source Business Unit Franchise provides LED lighting solutions and products to commercial customers wanting to upgrade their traditional lighting to LED lighting. Franchisees are not required to have a lighting background. Training in sales, products and business systems will be provided to aid in the ability to sell LED products and services. LED Source Business Unit Franchises will offer a complete LED product line to commercial clients ranging from restaurants and hotels to warehouses, schools, retail stores and virtually any business that uses lighting. Business Unit Franchises may also, if approved, market and sell to residential customers. We also offer an AG (Advanced Group) channel access, but only to prospects or existing franchisees with the qualifications to serve architects, architectural lighting designers or specifiers on complex lighting or pre-construction projects. These clients may require additional expertise that comes through training and years of experience.

In addition, LED Source offers an Area Development Program that requires an additional financial investment and time commitments in order to develop and operate multiple LED Source business locations. Through the Area Development Program we offer exclusive rights to own and operate multiple locations within a predefined geographic region.


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