Franchisee Testimonials

We like to think that we have the best franchisees around, but we tend to be a little bias. Don't just take our word for it. The true compliment comes when others take the time to say it.

I was looking for an business where I could work with my long- term friend Jamie Shapiro. I am so very excited that this opportunity has made that possible. To be successful with LED you must be able to deliver to the customer a fully integrated system. Very few can and that is why this is such an amazing opportunity. Happy customers are repeat customers. This is our goal, this is LED Source®.

– Mark Etcovitch, Co-Owner, LED Source Montreal

I started to educate myself on LED lighting and I knew it was the way of the future. My friend and now partner introduced me to Marcel and Gavin and the rest is history. I believe in them, the team that they have assembled and the infrastructure that is in place. LED Source® is the full package, great products, marketing and support all rolled into one.

– Jamie Shapiro, Co-Owner, LED Source Montreal


I feel that opening LED Source is the next step in my career. LED lighting is a growing industry that’s not going away and I want to be able to offer quality LED products to commercial, industrial and residential property owners who are looking for energy-efficient lighting systems.

Sam Yokhana, LED Source Detroit

I saw that LED Source conducted business with integrity, passion and intensity. I knew this decision was the right one.

Travis Hettenbach, LED Source Wichita

Day In The Life

We often get asked what's it like to be an LED Source® franchisee? If you are looking for an innovative, fast-paced industry, then the LED lighting business is right for you. Every day we are looking for ways where we can help commercial businesses save money. We take pride in educating our customers on the many benefits while offering the highest quality LED lighting products on the market today.

An LED Source® franchisee must be an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial individual who excels at networking. A typical day may involve meeting with potential clients, gathering information to help create a lighting solution, attending networking events and even holding a seminar on the many benefits of LED lighting.

  • Networking Events

    Every time you meet someone, you are networking. Attending a special event and participating in local Chamber of Commerce meetings is a great way to expand your networking opportunities.

  • Client Meetings

    Meeting with your clients is a daily event. Conduct an on-site review of current lighting conditions and present a complete lighting solution showing the many benefits and savings with LED lighting.

  • Continual Training

    We take great pride in providing our franchisees with the best training in the industry. From special events to online training with LouMan U and weekly webinars, we are here to support your continual education of LED lighting.

What We Do

At LED Source® we consider ourselves LED lighting solutions providers! What does that mean? Quite simply, we look at how we can help our clients not only with providing the best LED lighting products, but also making sure we have the right solution to improve their bottom line.

  • 001

    Support - Our customers have lots of questions. That's OK. Our industry knowledge and LED lighting experience is here to help them every step of the way.

  • 002

    Apps Engineering - Each franchisee has access to our in-house applications engineering team. We are able to provide clients with expert LED lighting solutions to meet their project and design goals.

  • 003

    Project Management - Some LED lighting projects can be very large and somewhat daunting. We put our experience to work for our clients by managing the entire project from start to finish.

  • 004

    Product Development - Sometimes projects can create their own lighting challenges. Our vendor relationships make it possible to create a unique LED lighting product with project specific requirements.

  • 005

    Financing - Nothing out of pocket is our motto. LouMan Money®, our in-house 100% project financing program, is exclusively available to all franchisees. Monthly payments funded entirely from the energy savings.

Our strong relationships throughout the industry, vast product knowledge, manufacturing and customer support, has positioned us as the LED Lighting Experts™. LED Source® represents only leading LED manufacturers such as MaxLite, eFFINION, Halco, Philips Color Kinetics, Forest Lighting, and Digital Lumens.


We Believe In Why

WE challenge existing lighting industry traditions and beliefs. We BELIEVE in methods that provide greater value to our clients and vendors, while aiding us IN creating solutions that enable our clients to save energy through reductions to their maintenance and operating costs.

LED Source

WHY do we supply only the very best brands and highest quality LED products?

LED Source® is not like everyone else. In fact we are not like anyone else!

At LED Source® it is the Why that defines us in all we do. Other companies sell LED lighting with no other purpose than to generate a profit. We are motivated to succeed through a completely different set of principles. Principles that transcend common lighting beliefs and empower us to disrupt the old methods for the benefit of our clients and vendors.


Our Customers

At LED Source®, we love our customers. In fact, you may have heard of a few of them. We help major corporations all the way down to the local corner business in making the switch to LED lighting. Next time you walk into a business, take a moment to Look Up and see if they are using LED lighting. Quite possibly, you may be looking at one of our LED lighting retrofit projects.



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