How We Market

Traditional marketing methods no longer work. For LED Source®, marketing means inspiring people to create a conversation about our brand.

Our brand guides and aids us in how we are represented. It is the heart and soul in all we do and say. It is our symbol of excellence when dealing with vendors and customers. It is our promise that we will deliver only the best in service and solutions.


Social Media

We believe in the power of Social Media and the impact it can have on our business. No other method of marketing can create instant conversations and build a loyal fan following.

In fact you are probably here today from our marketing efforts on Social Media. We position ourselves in the marketplace as a leading authority on LED lighting. Our Social Media properties have thousands of followers. From over 100+ blog articles on LED lighting, to our 60+ videos on our YouTube channel, LED Source® is considered one of the industry’s most influential and socially engaging companies. We encourage you to get social with us today.


  • Facebook and Google+

    With over a billion people on Facebook, it cannot be ignored as a place for business. We setup and provide each of our franchisees with their own Facebook Business Page. We socially engage and post relative content on all our pages. You can also now follow us on Google+.

  • The Power of Twitter

    In the world of Twitter, engagement and influence is key to positioning a brand as a credible source. With almost 4,000 followers and an engagement rating of 90% and an influence rating of 95%, LED Source® is leading the LED lighting social space.

  • LinkedIn Company Pages

    If you don't have a professional profile on LinkedIn, you are missing key business networking opportunities. We provide and setup LinkedIn Company Pages for each of our franchise locations to further establish the brand and local credibility.


Marketing Materials

Our marketing department provides various marketing collateral to aid in promoting our brand on a national level and each local franchise. We produce eye-catching, professional, modern design brochures for print and mobile friendly devices. 

We also produce swag and other promotional items that you can use to further promote LED Source® and your local franchise.

Case Studies

We believe in showcasing our projects through what we call 'Case Study Marketing.' Imagine the immediate credibility when you can present a case study to a potential client on how LED lighting could look in their business, as well as the related energy and cost savings. With 30+ case studies now available, let our projects speak for you.


In The News

In today’s marketplace, it is important to leverage the power of the media effectively and to create content that is worthy of sharing. Through effective public relations campaigns, LED Source® has been featured in some of today’s largest media outlets.


Founder and CEO, Marcel Fairbairn of LED Source, interviewed by Fox Business Network (FBN) News anchor Tracy Byrnes on LED lighting, the opportunity and the market.


Comprehensive Training Included

No lighting experience, no problem. Our innovative and on-going training programs are here to help. To learn more, answer the questions below and click NEXT.