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Congratulations on taking the first steps toward owning an LED Source® franchise. We look forward to having you part of our team.

Please review all your answers to our questions below. If you are happy with your application, click Submit. We are here to help in any way during this application process. Upon receipt of your application, one of our Franchise Coordinators will be in contact. If you have any questions during any stage of our franchise application process, please call us 866.900.4533 or contact us via email at [email protected].


Steps In The Process

Below are the guided steps that will take you on your journey in the application process of owning an LED Source® franchise.

  • 01

    Franchise Application

    Franchise Application submitted. Invited to attend Franchise Opportunity Webinar.

  • 02

    Screening Process

    Initial pre-screening phone call scheduled with Franchise Operations Manager.

  • 03

    FDD Provided

    On Approval, Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is provided. Mandatory 14 day wait period begins.

  • 04

    Calls Scheduled

    Call scheduled to review FDD questions. Subsequent call with Marcel Fairbairn, CEO scheduled.

  • 05

    Conduct Due Diligence

    You now have the opportunity to speak with several of our existing franchisees.

  • 06

    Discovery Day

    You are invited to our Corporate office to meet each member of our Executive Team and ask questions.

  • 07

    Execute Agreements

    Time to finalize your Franchise Agreements. Site location is selected. Opening date is scheduled.

  •   Franchise Application
  •   Screening Process
  •   FDD Provided
  •   Calls Scheduled
  •   Conduct Due Diligence
  •   Discovery Day
  •   Execute Agreements

Time To Get Started

Please answer the remaining questions below. Click the NEXT button to submit. We will review your information and be in contact within 48 hours.