Why Convert Your Business into a Franchise


Convert business to franchise

Have you ever considered converting your business into a franchise? It is tough out there for an independent business owner. So many moving parts to your business and so little time in the day to tend to everything. So why not convert? I am going to give you a few reasons that may just have you reaching out to join the thousands of people becoming franchise business owners every day.

When you convert your business to a franchise you are adding a completely new level of support. You may actually grow your business from one person to an entire team of people overnight by doing so. The franchise you join will have a team of people in place to help you with day to day operations, sales training and R&D and these are just a few of the areas that they can assist with.

Becoming part of a franchise community only allows you to compete at a higher level in your market. The most important things you can look at when converting your business is what you will gain from an ongoing support, financial and marketing perspective.


  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Recognition
  • Local/National Advertising
  • Marketing Materials Cost Savings
  • Design Cost Savings
  • Larger Customer Outreach


  • Premiere Vendor Relationships
  • Better Supplier Pricing
  • Purchasing Power
  • Net Terms Access to Vendors you may have not had in the past

Ongoing Support

  • Training Programs
  • Technical/Software Support
  • Design Support
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Product and Vendor Vetting

*The goal is that all of these things lead to more customers, which will lead to more sales and more profit for you. 

Now contrary to what you may think, you are not giving up control of your business. While you are joining a new system but it is still up to YOU to implement all the new changes. And it is still up to YOU to grow YOUR bussines. Just keep in mind…you are still in business for yourself, just no longer by yourself. 


Wilburn Taylor

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Written by Wilburn Taylor | Franchise Training & Support Manager