LED Lighting In Schools

LED Lighting In Schools

Ever wonder why our schools do a great job in recycling paper and other items, but do not take advantage of LED lighting?

Think of how many resources we would save by not having to replace lamps every year.

What about mercury? How is my child exposed to mercury at school you ask?

T8 Fluorescent Ban

Mercury is in every fluorescent lamp, which is the predominant lamp choice in schools, which just happens to be the type of lamp directly over your child while in class. We all know the effects of mercury in children by now. In fact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has forced a label to be placed on all fluorescent lamp packages, which clearly states its hazards in very fine writing. The EPA goes as far as telling us how the fluorescent lamp needs to be handled when one is broken in a public place, which clearly states:

  1. That the area where the lamp is broken must be evacuated
  2. All dust and fragments from the broken lamp must be picked up using duct tape to capture all mercury particles
  3. All the broken pieces must be double bagged and disposed of as hazardous waste

When was the last time you heard your child say their school was evacuated due to a broken bulb? Or when is the last time you saw your child’s school janitor pull out his duct tape instead of his broom and dispose a lamp as hazardous waste?

LED Lighting Benefits:

  1. Contains no mercury, not even lead in its soldier
  2. Is completely environmentally safe
  3. All parts are recyclable
  4. Provides more of a comfortable light, which helps our students see better without glare and eye strain
  5. Saves on average 70% in energy savings reducing our school operating budgets, which ultimately save us taxpayer’s money

What about maintenance costs you ask? We are all aware of how many budget cuts our schools have been faced with which has decreased maintenance staff. This makes it more difficult for the remaining maintenance personal to keep up with demand. Well just imagine telling them not to worry about changing a lamp for at least 10 years or more. LED lamps also take an amazing amount of abuse compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which makes it a better choice vandalism.

LED Troffer

There are many LED retrofit lamps available on the market today that will easily replace existing lighting without costing our school districts additional expenditures. In fact, with the amount of savings in energy and maintenance costs, the LED retrofit usually pays itself back within 1 to 2 years.

Today there are many quality LED products for all areas in the school including gymnasiums, parking lot lighting, classrooms and common areas.

The key to a good LED retrofit is selecting the right products that will fit the application. This requires hiring a professional LED company that can keep you from wasting lots of time and money on poor products. Not all LED lamps and fixtures are alike so BEWARE!! Many fail to live up to their claims and many are made with cheap and poorly designed technology. Do not get misguided by all the competition.

Conventional and LED lighting are not the same and many conventional lighting competitors try to compete in the LED market to stay alive. It’s very important to pick a reputable and knowledgeable LED company that has a proven track record.

Do your homework and check out your supplier. Always aim for a company that only specializes in LED lighting. After all, would you go to a plastic surgeon for your heart problem? LED lighting professionals and experts spend an enormous amount of time scrutinizing everyone’s products and they take the headaches and confusion away.

So what are you waiting for? Change your school to LEDs and let our children and your budgets breathe fresh air again.