New T8 LED Tube Set To Transform Lighting Industry

InstantFit T8 LED Tube Set To Transform Lighting Industry

New Philips InstantFit T8 LED Tube

By Dean Ernst
If you’ve worked in an office, you’re probably familiar with the glow of fluorescent tubes illuminating from the ceiling. With Philips brand new T8 LED Tube InstantFit, those tubes could soon be history.

Philips Lighting, the industry leader, has developed a 4’ LED replacement tube that will revolutionize the LED retrofit market forever. InstantFit is one of the first “Plug and Play” products that truly removes the cost (and need) for a professional installer. It could not be any easier since the new InstantFit T8 LED Tube works with existing electronic ballasts. Truly a ‘Game Changer’ that provides a low cost and ‘greener’ alternative to fluorescent.

“It’s a combination that will inevitably help the InstantFit T8 LED Tube replacement tube dominate the LED market for illuminating the world’s workplaces,” according to Philips, the global leader in lighting sales. Since World War II, fluorescent bulbs have been the main source of workplace lighting. With the new LED T8 alternative, any office building, multi-family complex, hotel, hospital, school or even warehouse or parking garage, can benefit from the average 41 percent energy savings and the environmental-friendly option.

Workplace lighting accounts for more than 15 percent of all energy produced globally, and fluorescent tube lights currently make up more than half of the total lighting market.

In the United States alone, fluorescents consume about 200 terawatts annually, according to Philips’ estimates. Cutting that in half would save $12 billion in electricity costs and lessen greenhouse gas emissions by 60 million metric tons per year.

Fluorescent bulbs themselves are somewhat efficient and as a result, T8 LED tubes have so far achieved only a small foothold in business and industry. Typically the LED tube required a ballast bypass by an electrician and that labor cost extended out the payback period.

Now, a Philips InstantFit T8 LED Tube simply replaces fluorescent tubes in the existing fixtures using electronic ballasts without ballast bypass. Electricians no longer need to rewire the fixture, which allows the fixture to maintain original UL compliance. InstantFit can even live alongside a fluorescent tube in the same fixture! In addition, the LED T8 tube is instant on, has no flicker or buzz commonly associated with fluorescent lighting, and no mercury – no need for hazardous waste disposal.

Say hello to the new InstantFit T8 LED Tube by Philips available from LED Source, Your LED Lighting Experts.