LED Lighting Versatility and Flexibility

LED Lighting Versatility and Flexibility

As I started in the LED lighting industry, one of the things that really excited me is how energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lamps and fixtures are.  While that is still very important, I continue to be amazed by the many other benefits of LED lighting.  In certain environments such as retail, having the right lighting can make the difference of products selling or not. When I have compared LED lighting against traditional fixtures, the versatility and flexibility makes it the perfect choice for most applications. Now imagine using LED products where you wouldn’t normally think lighting, in the traditional sense, could be used.

LED Source Residential LED

Accent lighting with LED tape light is common, but the way you approach it can be unique.  Working with an interior designer at Interior Trends Inc. (ITI) here in Wichita, we used LED tape lighting to create the effect of ‘floating’ panels.  They had an electronic fireplace, two pieces of art and a headboard – all would be ‘floating’ off of the wall by several inches. They wanted an accent light behind those panels to enhance the effect. LED tape lighting was used because of its ability to be in tight spaces. It was cost-effective and provided just a subtle amount of light to create the perfect ‘glow’ around the panels and created the effect of floating.  An added bonus is that since it is all low-voltage, all they had to do was plug a transformer into a receptacle and attach some simple plug-and-play connectors.

LED Source Residential LED Lighting

What about using LED tape lighting to create a ‘crown-molding effect? On a recent project, a client built a small cove near the top of the room and the LED tape light made a beautiful angle of light around the entire room.  Simple, elegant and cost-effective, but more importantly, the effect was striking.

At LED Source®, we have a passion in challenging traditional thinking in the lighting industry.  We believe that by doing that, we can bring the greatest value to our clients!  Sometimes that can be as complex as engineering a complete solution for an entire facility or as simple and elegant as using a slick little product like LED tape light.

Travis Hettenbach is the owner of the LED Source® Wichita franchise.