February 14, 2018



We began in the LED industry when it was early in its infancy. We didn’t have a path to follow and we certainly didn’t have friends, mentors or supporters to guide us and help us along the way. We learned so much and unfortunately most of that learning came at a pretty hefty cost, both in time and resources (money!!).

Fast-forward to 2016… myself and my top managers were in a meeting discussing the industry. At one point, I said, “Isn’t it crazy that we know the mistakes people are going to make, and the problems they will face with supply, business development, etc. Hmmmm…” and that was it. Out of this comment our Merge Franchise model was conceived, tweaked and finally ready to offer. We worked with our attorneys to prepare the business to be franchised, up-dated our franchise model and developed all the training and appropriate resources to go along with it.

Within 30 days we were in discussion to sell our first Merge Franchise, in Arkansas. Today that franchise is one of our very best! Next was a Merge Franchise in Canada. As of this writing, that location is in the process of expanding to a total of 3 locations within the next 60 days and is considering two more before the end of 2018.


So… why a Merge Franchise?

Well that’s easy, and I could talk all day, but I will focus on 3 key reasons you should jump in and never look back.


  • PRODUCT: As an independent owner, you’re purchasing for one location. You’re likely either buying from unknown Asian suppliers, or through local reps or distributors. With LED Source Merge, you have the same purchasing power as we do, dealing directly with some of the biggest and best brands in the industry. We’ve got 20+ year relationships in the industry and we’re buying for 17 locations and growing. You gain the advantage of that competitive pricing.


  • PROCESS / SUPPORT: Because we’re a larger, multi-location system, we’ve been forced to establish a rigid process and structure. You gain the benefit of software systems, accounting support, but more importantly, design and technical support. You will never again put a square peg in a round hole (unless of course, that’s what the job needs!). Our design and engineering team are here to help you select the right solution every time, and to keep you from putting yourself, or your client, in a liability situation. We’ve got many years of experience with teams of individuals who are here to make sure you get it right.


  • BRANDING & CREDIBILITY: We’ve been doing this since 2002 and have clients who’ve spent more than a million dollars with LED Source with those same products still performing at 100%. We’ve supplied clients that have hundreds of locations, and our Team and Franchisees have completed thousands of projects, each offering bragging rights and credibility. Every one of these projects says, “We know what we’re doing”. Brands like LED Source, LouMan Money, Effinion; each is used by our franchisees and backed by 15 years of LED experience.


We haven’t found a situation where a win cannot be earned through a combination of our Product, Process and Branding joined by a Merge candidate’s hard work, effort, local knowledge and of course, business pipeline. Usually the fit is so good that it falls into “no-brainer” zone.


So…. how do you get involved? I’m glad you asked.


Visit our Merge page at:

http://www.ledsource.com/franchising/the-merge-program/ and complete the initial application.

Our goal in reviewing the application will be to confirm that you qualify as a Merge Franchise, and that we’re a good fit together. And please be aware, that even if you don’t qualify for Merge, you can still get involved with an LED Source franchise through our normal franchise program. Once you complete your application and you’re at least initially approved, we will contact you to set-up a call with our franchise development team who will answer questions, ask questions, and push the process forward. If you’re curious, but not quite ready to complete the application, you can also sign up for one of our FREE monthly webinars and learn more.


REGISTER NOW: http://www.ledsource.com/franchising/webinars/

Joining LED Source could be that missing link you’ve been looking for to boost your existing LED Lighting or Electrical Contracting business and take it to another level.

Lets talk about it!


Marcel Fairbairn

Founder & Owner of LED Source

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