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The LED lighting Industry is expected to reach 76 BILLION dollars by 2020!
It is a HUGE growth market and LED Source, as the leaders in this marketplace, will help guide the way for you! Be in business for yourself, not by yourself!

“After three years of reviewing and vetting a myriad of franchise opportunities (from shipping services, to junk removal, to hair cutting, to self storage rental, to professional painting, to smart phone repair), we ultimately arrived at what we felt was the most exciting franchise opportunity—LED Source. It’s a great brand, a ripe market, a unique service where customers’ lighting and monthly energy savings are immediately improved, and it’s environmentally friendly. With relatively low start-up costs, we were able to invest more dollars into sales and marketing—the lifeblood of our business. While time will tell just how successful our franchise will be, we believe we’re in the right place at the right time, with the right product and the right people supporting us.”

George Brumis
Owner, LED Source (Los Angeles County)

The LED LIGHTING market is growing at an extraordinary pace! With massive cost savings in energy, longer lasting fixtures and lamps, lower maintenance, better quality lighting and the Green movement approving this marketplace, there is every reason in the world to get in on the action today, and for minimal investment. (See if you fit our Merge Program model). Brand awareness, industry knowledge, technical support and training, access to industry leading products; these are just a few reasons to look at an LED Source franchise.

Find out in our free webinar how joining forces with LED Source can get you started on a new career path by owning your own franchise business.