3 Reasons Why LED Source is a Unique Franchise Opportunity


Today, a few words about LED Source®, as it may compare to other franchises you’re currently researching. Don’t get me wrong, we at LED Source® are massive advocates of other franchise brands. In fact, we’re currently providing LED lighting retrofits, and full new construction lighting solutions for some of the greatest. Franchising, in general, is a fantastic way to start and operate your own business. While statistics are horrible for startup businesses (8 out of 10 are expected to fail), Franchise brands provide you with training and support that you don’t have on your own. In addition, you’re buying a more known brand in most cases, and as a result, new customers for your product or service already trust you.

So what makes LED Source® so special and unique?

1. Massive Growth

The LED “general lighting” business is one of the leading new Green Technology businesses and is projected for massive growth. We are signing on franchises today, who are likely to become the leaders in their market covering LED retrofit solutions for many years to come. If you look around, wherever you see light is an opportunity to upgrade that business to LED at some time in the next 10 or 15 years. Because of our vast training, experience, strength of supplier partnerships and the fact we were first to market, LED Source® is poised to lead the evolution, or revolution to better lighting.

2. Unlimited Revenue

LED Source® provide our franchisees with large enough market areas and with opportunities large enough to build a substantial business. While many new owners will remain comfortable selling only to restaurants and local small businesses, others are working with fortune 500 companies on much larger lighting upgrades. In other franchise businesses, your income may be limited, but with LED Source®, there is really no ceiling on earnings.

3. National Accounts Benefits

From the moment you open your doors, we will be providing you with “free revenue” through our National Accounts program. We offer multiple revenue streams in National Accounts ranging from ownership of an account (and a residual payment for each sold) to retrofit opportunities and a cut of all National Account new construction business as well. Yes, from the time you open your doors, you are entitled to a piece of our lucrative National Accounts pie!

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Want to join the revolution? Visit us at www.LEDsource.com/franchising and learn more about our unique franchise business or join us for a Free Live Webinar hosted by CEO Marcel Fairbairn.