Gajah Home Furniture Store

Gajah Home Furniture Store LED Lighting Retrofit Gajah Furniture Store in Barbados has an outstanding reputation among homeowners and...

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IDEAL & Dream School

IDEAL & Dream School Lights the Future with LED Source A premier private institution for innovative and gifted students, IDEAL and Dream School is located in Royal Palm Beach, FL. The institution consistently strives... Project Detail

First Domestic Insurance Company

First Domestic Insurance Company Limited made the switch to LED tubes saving 55% in lighting energy costs. First Domestic Insurance Company Limited is Dominica’s first and only local general insurance company on the island.... Project Detail

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The 4 Keys to Running Your Own Business

When it comes to running your own business you have so many areas that you have to keep an eye on. Some of these may include, payroll, HR, logistics etc… It is easy to get off track and shift your focus elsewhere. That is why it is so important... Read More

Light Loss Factor Explained!

The Light loss factor, commonly referred to as LLF, is the multiplying factor which light output can be can be adjusted by due to environmental impacts and/or product degradation.  Lamp Lumen Depreciation (LLD), Lamp Dirt Depreciation (LDD), Ballast Factor (BF), Luminaire Ambient Temperature Factor (LATF) are the more common... Read More

LED Source Metro DC Makes it a Family Business

LED Source Metro DC Makes it a Family Business Many people start their own business, if they can, to improve their work/life balance. They enjoy the freedom they gain from it, and for many, it allows them to spend more time with their families. Steve and Esther Searles, of... Read More

LED vs. Traditional Lighting: Its Effect on the Human Eye

LED vs. Traditional Lighting: Its Effect on the Human Eye With the evolving technology of SSL (solid state lighting), many questions regarding the advantages or disadvantages of LED lighting as opposed to traditional filament lighting sources have emerged.  To date, there has been little to offer as LED lighting... Read More